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Job Description

Join our development team at leading software vendor Frontline Systems (https://www.solver.com) to build server based software, web services, and related client software in our software products.  You'll play a significant role in our new SaaS platforms for advanced analytics -- optimization, simulation and data mining software -- that can be used anywhere, including tablets and mobile phones.

Skills Required or Preferred

You should have working knowledge of C++, plus strong skills in web-based software development, working primarily in C# and JavaScript, creating both server-based (preferably on Azure) and client-based software.  You should have specific experience implementing and using REST APIs.  You should have extensive experience with .NET libraries, and with JavaScript libraries and frameworks (Sencha Ext JS experience is a plus).

You should be comfortable using the Microsoft Web technology stack.  You should be able to set up websites, SQL Server instances, and other resources on Azure, use the Windows command line and PowerShell, and set up secure connections with SSH and SSL.  Experience with Office 365 and/or Office or SharePoint JavaScript APIs is a plus, and prior experience operating and maintaining a SaaS application, preferably on Azure or AWS, is a definite plus.

Of course, you should be familiar with tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, a source code control system, a bug or issue tracking system, logging tools and debuggers (FireBug, Fiddler) and profilers.

An MS degree in computer science is preferred, but your skills, experience, ability to learn, energy and attitude are most important.  This is a senior role -- you must be confident in your experience and able to make and justify technology and architectural choices, working with other talented developers.

How to Apply

Email your CV or resume and/or your questions to hr@solver.com.  Frontline offers very competitive salaries and benefits, including a 401(k) plan funded by the company, and great working conditions -- in a year-round resort area on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, at the California-Nevada border.