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Hosted By: Dr. Sima Maleki

Dr. Sima Maleki

My name is Sima Maleki. I have my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. It is my privilege to work with you and teach these webinars.  Please feel free to email me at with any questions or topic suggestions. Your feedback, which is most welcome, both supports and motivates our efforts to keep enhancing these trainings.



Optimization Webinar

There are many ways to build models and use optimization techniques to solve them. One such option is to use desktop or web-based spreadsheets. Frontline Systems supports this better than anyone else. We developed the Solver for optimization included in every copy of Microsoft Excel -- in fact Help for the Excel Solver is hosted here.

Frontline Solvers for Excel are 100% upward compatible upgrades from the Excel Solver, allowing you to solve much larger problems, much faster. They have been used by more than 10,000 companies to solve practical problems in virtually every industry.

Webinar – Solve Deterministic and Stochastic Models with Confidence with Analytic Solver Optimization®

Join our upcoming webinar to discover the latest features of Analytic Solver® offering enhanced speed with the highest quality of solutions. Analytic Solver is an all-in-one and easy-to-use tool with a full spectrum of capabilities for optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, data mining and machine learning.  




Simulation and Risk Analysis

Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis techniques are widely used across many industries and functional areas. That is because, almost every business outcome has some uncertainty. Uncertainty can impact our decisions and actions in desirable, as well as undesirable, ways. 

Using our Analytic Solver products you can model risk and quickly quantify the full range of possible outcomes, revealing valuable insights to you.

Webinar – Leverage Monte Carlo Simulation to Analyze and Control Risk Effectively with Analytic Solver Simulation® 

Join us as we delve into features and capabilities of Analytic Solver Simulation in Excel and beyond. Acquire practical skills to empower confident decision-making in the presence of uncertainty and risk.



Forecasting and Data Mining

Almost every action in your business generates data.  Your sales transactions, customer interactions, even clicks on your website. This data can be a valuable strategic asset when used in your decision-making. Analytic Solver is a powerful tool for you to gain insights from your data via data exploration, visualization, forecasting and data mining in Excel without any need for programming.

Webinar – Accelerated Machine Learning Fitting and Seamless Cloud Deployment with Analytic Solver Data Science®

Join us as we delve into features and capabilities of Analytic Solver Data Science in Excel and beyond the confines of Excel. Acquire practical skills to harness data effectively and empower confident decision-making.