• Learn predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Leverage your Excel modeling skills
  • Use data mining, optimization, simulation
  • Use Excel, Excel Online, Tableau, Power BI
  • Work with a developer who doesn't use Excel
  • Build a deployable application in record time
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Learn and Use Analytics

Want to learn and use data science (predictive analytics) and/or management science (prescriptive analytics)? We have powerful Excel-based tools, RASON modeling language, and learning resources for you.

Work with a Developer

Want to work with a developer in your company who doesn't use Excel, to turn your Excel model into a deployed application -- without rewriting it in a programming language? With RASON, we can make this radically simple.

Powerful, Comprehensive Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Made Easy in Excel

  • Solve the full range of optimization problems
  • Solve huge models with best-of-breed Solvers
  • Run high-speed Monte Carlo simulations
  • Solve stochastic optimization problems
  • Data Exploration and Feature Selection
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Classification and Prediction Algorithms
  • Time Series Forecasting Methods


Excel Solver compatible Use existing Solver models and VBA macros as-is, but solve faster -- just open your workbook and solve.
Solve large-scale linear and nonlinear models Solve models with thousands to millions of variables and constraints. Linear and quadratic, mixed-integer, smooth nonlinear, global optimization, non-smooth evolutionary, robust optimization and stochastic programming Solvers are all included.
Ultra-Fast Monte Carlo Simulation Easily define uncertain variables with sampling from 50 continuous, discrete and custom distributions, copulas and rank-order correlation, and distribution and correlation fitting.
Decision trees for complex decisions Build multi-stage decision trees with point-and-click ease, compute expected value and utility-based rollbacks, and incorporate decision trees in simulation and risk analysis.
Time series forecasting Apply the most popular exponential smoothing and Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) methods with seasonality to forecast time series, such as sales and inventory, from historical data.
Prediction and classification methods Use powerful multiple linear and logistic regression with variable selection, data mining methods like naive Bayes, CaRT, k-nearest neighbors and neural networks, and ensembles of multiple algorithms.
Much, much more This is just a brief overview -- see more extensive features -- and it's all included, even in our ultra-low-cost Analytic Solver Basic!

Use Your Model in Excel Desktop, Excel for the Web, Power Platform, and Your Own Apps

Analytic Models work
across platforms
Leverage your modeling investment - Excel-based and RASON-based models can be run on desktops and servers, inside popular Cloud BI tools, and in web and mobile apps.
Software licenses work
across platforms
Leverage your license investment - Your Analytic Solver license works for you, wherever you need to work! Use it on your office, laptop or home PCs, or to "publish" and run your model in Tableau or Power BI.
All features all the time:
pay for only what you need
Every Analytic Solver license gives you access to all features in optimization, simulation, and data mining, with size limits. You pay extra to handle large-scale models and datasets, only in the areas you need.
All features in desktop and cloud Analytic Solver You can build models and use the same advanced Solvers for optimization, simulation and data mining in desktop Excel, and via a browser in Excel for the Web.
See for yourself, learn more Register using the form below, download and run SolverSetup to install Analytic Solver Desktop, then visit Microsoft AppSource to "insert" and use Analytic Solver in Excel for the Web.

Learn Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics from the Experts

For business analysts, learning to build effective data science (predictive) and management science (prescriptive) models can be a bit intimidating.  You're likely comfortable with numbers and Excel formulas, but you might not have used methods from probability, statistics, and linear algebra since college courses long ago.  You're in the right place to learn -- we specialize in teaching people like you!

Click to view and register for a free webinar: New live webinars every other week.

Register for an online course at Solver.Academy: New courses start each month.

  • OPT101: Optimization Using Analytic Solver (6 weeks)
  • SIM101: Simulation and Risk Analysis Using Analytic Solver (6 weeks)
  • DM101: Data Mining Using Analytic Solver - Part I (6 weeks)
  • DM201: Data Mining Using Analytic Solver - Part II (6 weeks)

Ask about our “combo offers” for software licenses plus online courses: Get an Analytic Solver Basic software license with your first course!

RASON® Language: Key to Deployment and Flexible Modeling

RASON is a mini-language you can use to quickly and easily create and solve analytic models -- optimization, simulation/risk analysis, forecasting, data mining and text mining models, and more. You can use virtually any Excel formula or built-in function in a RASON model -- and they work on cells or single values, as well as vectors and arrays of values at once.

RASON is key to deploying your model for use by others who aren't working in Excel. When you use Analytic Solver Create App - Power BI to convert your Excel analytic model into a Power BI "custom visual" (that re-solves when Power BI data changes!), it's RASON that makes this possible. If you want, you can view and modify your converted model directly in RASON.

For developers who want to create server, web or mobile apps, RASON is a natural -- much easier to work with than Excel. RASON stands for Restful Analytic Solver® Object Notation. It's a "lingua franca" easily understood by both business analysts and developers! Compared to using a traditional modeling language, using Excel alone, or writing analytic models in a programming language, it's a huge time-saver. See RASON example models.

RASON Models vs. Alternatives

How do RASON™ models compare to alternative ways of building analytic applications?

  • Compared to a modeling language such as AMPL or GAMS for optimization, or ARENA for simulation, RASON models have similar expressive power, and are easy to understand. But as you’ll see below, it is much easier to use a RASON model in a Web, mobile or server application.
  • Compared to Excel as a modeling language, RASON models can use essentially all of Excel’s operators and built-in functions, but it is much easier to build “dimensionally flexible” RASON models, and to use a RASON model in a Web, mobile or server application.
  • Compared to writing a model in programming language code, RASON models are “higher level” – much easier to create, modify and understand. But as you’ll see below, RASON models are so easy to manipulate in code that you don’t give up any flexibility.

Create analytic models once, easily deploy them wherever they're needed. Express your model in Excel, in RASON (most flexible!), or in C++, C#, Java, R or Python code. Analytic Solver empowers you to use and re-use your models, in Excel for Windows, Macintosh, and the Web, in Tableau and Power BI, in Power Apps and Power Automate, or your own application on a server, web page or mobile device. RASON models -- understood by both business analysts and developers -- are especially easy to maintain.

Analytic Solver® Architecture

You Can Do This - We're Here To Help


Documentation From a simple Ribbon and Task Pane interface, to instant-access online Help, our 21-page QuickStart Guide, and over 1,800 pages of User and Reference Guides, we've got you covered.
Textbooks If our built-in documentation isn't enough, scores of textbooks for MBA analytics courses use Analytic Solver software throughout, with step-by-step instructions and example models.
Wizards Our Constraint Wizard helps you think through and then define the right constraints for your optimization model. Our Distribution Wizard does the same for probability distributions in your simulation model.
Guided Mode Guided Mode takes you step-by-step through automatic diagnosis of your optimization model, recommended Solver Engines, and interpreting result messages. Auto-Help Mode steps in only when a problem arises.
Live Chat Only Frontline Solvers offer quick access to Tech Support via Live Chat from inside Excel -- automatically passing error information to our support reps.