Modeling Education and Support

Learn Data Science and Management Science -- Build on the Skills You Already Have

For business analysts, learning to build effective data science (predictive) and management science (prescriptive) models can be a bit intimidating.  You're likely comfortable with numbers and Excel formulas, but you might not have used methods from probability, statistics, and linear algebra since college courses long ago.  You're in the right place to learn -- we specialize in teaching people like you!

For years, Frontline has played a major role in management science education: Our software is featured as the main or only data science and management science software in dozens of textbooks. It's being used right now in over 500 university MBA business courses.  We offer our own webinars, online courses, and modeling support, and we can connect you with an array of university and private educational institutions.

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  • OPT101: Optimization Using Analytic Solver (6 weeks)
  • SIM101: Simulation and Risk Analysis Using Analytic Solver (6 weeks)
  • DM101: Data Mining Using Analytic Solver - Part I (6 weeks)
  • DM201: Data Mining Using Analytic Solver - Part II (6 weeks)

Ask about our “combo offers” for software licenses plus online courses: Get an Analytic Solver Basic software license with your first course!