Are you conscientious and accurate, technology-savvy, and you care about customers?  This position could be for you.

You'll be supporting our Sales Account Executives and Customer Success Managers in their quest to bring the greatest value to our customers – analysts and professionals in many of the world’s largest, most successful companies.  By “chasing down the details” of sales and invoicing, payments, and software license use, you’ll help us work more effectively with our customers, and help customers achieve their goals.

About Your Skills

●  You’re conscientious, good at research, detail-oriented; you “get it right” and “make it right”.
●  You’re skilled with Microsoft Office and web-based software (CRM, billing, accounting).
●  You understand the basics of invoicing, payments, wire transfers, and “debits and credits”.
●  You speak as a professional on the phone, and write clear and professional emails.
●  You’re resourceful and able to solve problems yourself, using critical thinking.

About Our Company

Frontline Systems ( is a leading vendor of software for "decision analytics" -- we developed the Solver in Microsoft Excel, the most-used tool for mathematical optimization. We’ve licensed our software to over 10,000 organizations – typically Fortune 1000 or Global 2000 companies – and more than 500,000 students have learned about advanced analytics by using our software in business or MBA courses taught around the world. Our Analytic Solver Desktop and Cloud is the market-leading analytics product for Microsoft Excel, and our RASON Decision Service is a uniquely powerful, perfect fit for Microsoft's fast-growing Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate tools. We offer great technical support, help in building analytic models, and powerful learning aids like Solver.Academy.

About This Job

As a Sales Admin professional, your job is to track down – and keep up to date – all the details about a customer: The company, the people, what Frontline products they have used, their past inquiries and Help Desk tickets, and their past purchases, invoices and payments. By doing this, you’ll help our Sales Account Executives and Customer Success Managers be more effective in their roles, and save them time.

When there’s a discrepancy or some missing information, your job is to track it down and resolve it, for the benefit of the customer (asking for help as necessary).

To be really effective, you’ll go beyond the details found in our own past records, and research the customer – company and individuals – via their website, LinkedIn profiles and the like, entering notes about your findings in our CRM.

How to Apply

Email your CV or resume and/or your questions to  Frontline offers very competitive salaries and benefits, including a 401(k) plan funded by the company, and great working conditions -- in a year-round resort area on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, at the California-Nevada border.