Work at leading software vendor Frontline Systems (, helping users from industry and academia get started and successfully use our software products. Our users typically have experience building "what-if" models in Excel, but they have limited experience with advanced analytics model-building. Our software makes it easy for them to apply data mining/predictive analytics, optimization, and simulation/risk analysis to their companies' problems.

About Your Skills

●  You're positive, a self starter, and eager to learn.
●  You're good at working with people, patient, and rewarded by helping others learn new skills.
●  Prior job experience in a PC Help Desk or support role is a definite plus.
●  You're familiar with Windows and/or Mac OSX, Chrome and/or Safari settings for user accounts, video settings, etc.
●  You're comfortable using Microsoft Excel formulas and functions, tables and charts, and other Microsoft Office tools.
●  You're comfortable with math such as basic linear algebra, probability and statistics. Data science background is a real plus.
●  Experience writing code in C#, Java, R, Python or C++ is a definite plus, though full software engineering skills aren't required for this position.

A BS or BA degree is required; a MS or MBA degree is a plus -- but your skills, experience, ability to learn, energy and attitude are most important.

About Our Company

Frontline Systems ( is a leading vendor of software for "decision analytics" -- we developed the Solver in Microsoft Excel, the most-used tool for mathematical optimization. We’ve licensed our software to over 10,000 organizations – typically Fortune 1000 or Global 2000 companies – and more than 500,000 students have learned about advanced analytics by using our software in business or MBA courses taught around the world. Our Analytic Solver Desktop and Cloud is the market-leading analytics product for Microsoft Excel, and our RASON Decision Service is a uniquely powerful, perfect fit for Microsoft's fast-growing Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate tools. We offer great technical support, help in building analytic models, and powerful learning aids like Solver.Academy.

About This Job

Using our online Help Desk and communicating via email, live chat, telephone and web meetings, help users get started (downloading, getting a license), answer their questions, provide modeling tips, review customer models and suggest improvements, or just fix their models, always in an effort to transfer skills and help customers learn to be better modelers. You'll work alongside an experienced tech support rep as you come up to speed.

This position offers a growth path in technical support, customer success, user education, or even product development for someone technically inclined. For example...

As you gain experience, you'll write Help Center topics to answer common questions, create example models posted for download, and/or record short videos about modeling with tools like Camtasia Studio. With even more experience, you can help present webinars about effective modeling with Frontline's software products, and contribute to our online courses at Solver Academy.

How to Apply

Email your CV or resume and/or your questions to  Frontline offers very competitive salaries and benefits, including a 401(k) plan funded by the company, and great working conditions -- in a year-round resort area on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, at the California-Nevada border.